Ruth Fatzinger

ruth-fatzinger180x220Ruth is a graduate of Western Michigan University where she studied exercise science with an emphasis on nutrition. She began her work in this field in 2011 as a fitness instructor for Western’s student recreation center, and has continued teaching ever since. She possesses a wide variety of experience through teaching, but especially enjoys instructing yoga, Spinning™, and boot camp-style classes.

She continued her work as an instructor teaching corporate wellness classes and as an ACE-certified personal trainer. She has assisted in Stryker’s Well-being program since 2013 when she started there as an intern.

Ruth began running distance races at the age of 15 and completed her first marathon at the age 19. In addition to being an experienced runner, she keeps her workouts varied by including yoga, fitness and martial arts classes.

As a coach and trainer, Ruth most enjoys connecting with her clients and watching them improve in skill, fitness, and in their own confidence.