Kennedy Boze

Photo of Kennedy BozeAbout Me

Ever since my first yoga class, it was clear to me that that yoga was my passion. I hold a lot of empathy for others so getting trained to teach people yoga and share the wonderful benefits that it can bring to our lives sounded like the perfect plan for me. Outside of my yoga practice and teaching, I spend mornings working for Great Grounds Cafe making the best coffee in town, I love to walk and play with my dog, get creative with painting and drawing, and spend time with family and friends.

Intention for class

  • To create a space for people to slow down and really focus inward and to listen to what their body needs as well as slow down the mind and connect to the present moment. Our bodies have their own natural intelligence so if we listen closely it will tell us what parts of the body needs more attention or support.

Personal Interest

  • Started practicing yoga in my first year of college at KVCC in 2017. Was feeling called to go to a class and I loved it from the start. I loved how it made me feel so connected to my body and helped me start to develop a deeper awareness and understanding of the body and mind
  • Ever since I was a kid I have always wanted to be flexible. Just happened to stumble across something I love that also involves stretching.

Experience at Kripalu (October 2018)

  • Month long intensive 200-hour teacher training
  • 20 other students
  • Was really put out of my comfort zone mentally, physically, and spiritually
  • Gained a lot of knowledge, strength, and new perspective of yoga
  • Deep personal experience
  • Learned about the 20 foundation asanas, 5 pranayama breathing techniques,
    philosophy, anatomy or the body, and we had 5 practice teaches

What I’ve learned

It’s not about what you can do on the mat it’s about returning to the mat and giving yourself the time of day to release thoughts of the future or the past and remain balanced in the present moment by connecting to the body and the breath.