AM Athlete for Teams

The only thing better than helping an Athlete achieve greatness, is helping a whole team of Athletes to do so!  Bringing our remote coaching to teams, we are able to bring more customized programming with the input of the coach as we design the athlete’s training plans.  Since we are programming for a group, we can also bring even more value at a reduce price.

Level 2:  Base Camp Plus for Teams

Level 2 Features Include:

  • Monthly call with the team coach and/or team members to answers questions and customize training.
  • A training plan designed for your sport and level with input from your team’s coach (if desired).
  • LIVE streaming video classes
  • A video workout library & training plan
  • Access to our coaches for support via our coaching app
  • Monthly challenges where you can earn prizes and get your name on our Personal Record Leader Board
  • Education on demand including nutrition,  fueling and recovery tips, video interviews and more.
  • Live nutrition education
  • Interviews with coaches and top athletes to learn from their successes.
  • Weekly emails to keep you on task and focused on the week’s priorities.
  • Access to all Level 1 base camp elements
  • Access to our training plan management app
  • Price: $49 per player/per month (minimum 6 team members)

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