Athletic Mentors Featured Athlete: Kilee Halladay

Who Is Your Favorite Sports Hero?
Lionel Messi – An Argentine Professional Soccer Player

What Are 3 Reasons You Like Being Part Of A Team Sport?
1. It’s fun to be a part of a team working with other players of the same mind, and skill set. 2. Motivating each other in order to be the best they can be. 3. Making memories with teammates.

What Qualities Make You A Good Teammate?
Having a personality that helps the teamwork together with a good perspective of the game, seeing more than the average player. Treating other players with respect.

How Does Being An Athlete Make You A Better Person?
It helps with your overall health. Physically because of all of the conditioning, and also mentally because you need to analyze what’s happening and react quickly. It also helps you work better with other people.

What Do You Do To Calm Your Butterflies While You Compete?
Thinking of something funny to make me laugh. Specifically, a seal video on youtube usually does the trick.

What Age Were You When You Started Playing Soccer?
I started playing soccer when I was 4.

What Is The One Thing You Do After A Good Performance?
We go out together for dinner as a family and then treat ourselves to cake batter ice cream.

What Are Your Long-Term Goals For Playing Soccer?
I would like to play for the U.S. Women’s Soccer Team someday!