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Swim Field Test Session

September 30, 2014

Our Swim Field Test session helps Coaches and Athletes “tune” their swim workouts to focus on efficiency and fitness in the pool instead of just banging out junk yards with no focus. The field test includes high definition surface and underwater video capture from multiple angles to provide visual tool for constructive criticism by your Coach.

Timed Tests Performed:

Speed Tests – Results provide current field test baselines and times that should be Incorporated in future focused workouts for both kicking and swiming.

  • Swim
  • T100
  • Kick
  • K50
  • K100

Endurance Tests

  • Results used to Calculate CSS and pT30*
  • Swim
  • T200
  • T400
  • pT30 – pseudoT30 (similar to CSS or FTP in Training Peaks)
  • LT Heart Rate Data is still in “Beta”

What is SCS?
SCS is Short for Critical Swim Speed. This is a calculation/formula that in part uses results of multiple tests such as a 200 and 400 time trial. The calculated CSS is very close to your lactate threshold and is used to set pacing for your swim sessions that are focused on race speed.

Why is this Important?
Anyone can do a T-100 to determine how fast you could race 100 yards. If you are training for Olympic or even Iron distance, do you think you could swim your iron distance at 44 x your T-100 time ? (iron distance is 4400 yards). The data proves you cannot. The CSS allows us to calculate the times you should target in your training at various distances so that you can improve your speed not only at 100 yards, but 500, 1000 or whatever distance your endurance workouts in the pool require to achieve your final racing goal.

Location: Kalamazoo College Pool, 1200 Academy Street, Kalamazoo, MI 49006


September 30, 2014
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Cheryl Sherwood