Now Offering VO2 and Metabolic Testing!

April 16th, 2016 by Athletic Mentors

Athletic Mentors offers VO2 and Metabolic testing for athletes looking to step up their game, or those looking for an extra edge in their weight loss program. We have specialized equipment on-site that will give you a detailed and personalized profile on your metabolic rate and maximum oxygen usage is. Athletes use the test results to avoid crashes, prevent injury, and to maximize the benefits of their training sessions.

Your metabolism is a series of chemical processes within your body that keeps your cells fueled with nutrients. Since no two metabolisms are exactly the same, understanding the rate at which your body converts and uses energy can be paramount in getting the best results from your workout. Understanding how your metabolism works and reacts to exercise can be instrumental in getting the most out of your fitness plan.

Another important piece of the puzzle is finding out how much oxygen you’re using. Your VO2 maximum is the measurement of how much oxygen you can use during exercise, expressed in a liters-per-minute rate based on your body weight. The test consists of running on a treadmill or on an exercise bike at incrementally increasing speeds and intensity. The machine measures your heart rate through a cuff, and a mask measures the amount of oxygen you intake and calculates a rate.

A VO2 maximum test is widely considered to be the most accurate way to measure an athlete’s aerobic and cardiovascular fitness, and can help trainers dial in their workouts for increased results and track their progress. This test also measures how many calories are burned at different intensities of activity, giving insight to athletes about adjusting their diets for optimal gains and increased endurance in the field.