What’s Next? How and Where to Channel the Post Race High

May 5th, 2015 by Athletic Mentors

michelle_dalton_180x220By Michelle Dalton, Athletic Mentors Coach and Triathlete

You did it!! Whether it was your first or 50th race, the sense of accomplishment, of having achieved something difficult, is hard to replicate. The training, the sacrifices, the doubts, the injuries, the pain are all forgotten once you cross the finish line.

And then….what? How do you get back to “normal” after you’ve spent so much time preparing for the race? What is “normal”? What do you do with your Saturdays now that you don’t have to get up for run camp or complete long training runs? How do you make sure you never forget that feeling?

The answer’s really quite simple: you plan the next race! Though the medal may still be around your neck and the chafing lingering like an unwanted house guest – get the calendar out and begin planning.

First, figure out exactly what you’re looking for. Some people choose the same distance just to prove it wasn’t a one-time thing, while others opt for a new challenge, either distance or time. Some people choose races based on destination and others like to keep it local.You might even ride the wave of confidence and try an event that you’ve found intimidating (triathlon anyone?), but regardless of which you choose, register. Pick a race that fits your needs and goals and book it. Right now, your motivation is high; the endorphins are still pumping. This is the best time to commit to another race. I have seen many people complete one race and then wait too long between races, only to lose momentum.

Start asking yourself: When is the race? How much time do I have to train? How much time do I need? Who can I train with? Where can I get a plan and some advice on how to go longer, faster, and injury free?

Recruit your Saturday gang to go with you, or find another group of runners to be your new people. There are plenty of groups out there. Get connected with the amazing local running community and make a commitment to yourself and to a race.

We are lucky here in Michigan that we have so many race options over the coming months. And, you’re also in luck because Athletic Mentors can help you get to the finish. Whether you’re looking to get there faster, or fitter, or simply aiming for a finish that’s farther, we’ve got the coach, and the plan, to help you do it.   If you don’t consider yourself a runner (yet), check out our Functional Fitness Program or the Coached Gym.

If you have any question, please don’t hesitate to contact us; we can help.

Now go book that next race!