Dawn Hinz

Dawn Hinz grew up believing that girls can do anything boys can do. Her favorite memory from elementary school gym class is reaching the ceiling on the climbing rope. A feat only completed by a handful of boys. She was always active; climbing trees, riding her bike, or swimming; both in the local pool and Lake Michigan.

After graduating Valedictorian she continued her natural inclination to fitness; excelling in the challenging atmosphere of career firefighting and EMS. She competed multiple times in the Firefighter Combat Challenge, frequently being the only female to finish the Challenge. She has used her passion for fitness and health to guide multiple firefighters, both male, and female, to complete various Firefighter Physical Agility tests.

While she hadn’t run a formal 5k she joined a friend at her first triathlon and was hooked! Triathlon joined her favorite fitness past times with a supportive yet competitive atmosphere. Dawn has since competed in numerous triathlons from sprint to half distance.  As a USAT certified triathlon coach she’s delighted to guide athletes to their own fitness goals and finish lines. The time she spent in the pool and big lake as a kid gave her confidence with swimming, which she loves to impart to children and adults. Studying swimming technique with Coach Belco and coaching her local kid’s swim club gave her the platform to implement efficient swim technique to her athletes.

Continuing her passion for women keeping up with men she is studying with Dr. Stacy Sims, author of “Women are Not Small Men”. This will enable her to biohack women’s physiology to unlock an extra 5-10% of their physical ability by training with their cycle.