AM Athlete Remote Coaching

The AM Athlete Remote Coaching Program was created to bring the expertise of our coaches and the success of our programs, traditionally only available on-site, to any athlete anywhere. After decades of working with endurance athletes we’ve learned to leverage technology and well defined methodology to bring comprehensive programs to our clients remotely while producing peak performance and top results. We are proud to now bring our programming to athletes in power based and team sports no matter where they live and train.  Our online Athlete Portal delivers programming elements in a convenient and easy to access way with a variety of features offering athletes multiple ways to stay motivated.

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Level 1:  Base Camp

The level 1 offering provides access to our on-line portal and Coaching App, allowing the athlete to message AM coaches for support at anytime.

Level 1 Features Include:

  • LIVE streaming video classes
  • A video workout library & training plan
  • Access to our coaches for support via our coaching app
  • Monthly challenges where you can earn prizes and get your name on our Personal Record Leader Board!
  • Education on demand including nutrition,  fueling and recovery tips, video interviews and more.
  • Live nutrition education.
  • Interviews with coaches and top athletes to learn from their successes.
  • Weekly emails to keep you on task and focused on the week’s priorities.
  • Price: $15 per month

Level 2:  Base Camp Plus

At this level, you’ll benefit from all the elements in Level 1 Base Camp with the addition of a training plan designed for your sport and level of ability.  You’ll use our training app to view your daily workouts from your cell phone, complete with video instruction and the ability to leave feedback for our coaches to review.

Level 2 Features Include:

  • Access to all Level 1 Base Camp elements
  • A training plan specifically designed for your sport and level
  • Access to our training plan management app
  • Daily messaging access to a coach.
  • Price: $65 per month (team discounts available)

Level 3: Elite Camp – Fully Custom Remote Coaching

Our Custom Remote Coaching package offers all of the features in level 1 & 2 but adds a totally custom training plan and an assigned coach that will over see progress testing and program results. You’ll also gain access to our LIVE Speed & Agility class including coaches feedback with smaller groups and live Yoga for those looking to increase strength and full body flexibility.

Level 3 Features Include: 

  • All of the elements in  L1 & L2.
  • Monthly telephone or video calls with your assigned coach.
  • Unlimited email and text access to your coach.
  • Fully custom plan designed for YOU,  your sport needs and level of performance.
  • Guidance with remotely executed performance testing to monitor performance.
  • Access to our small group coached, live-stream Speed & Agility  & Yoga Classes
  • Price: $165 per month
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