Athletic Mentors Athlete Nathan Williard Wins Gold

February 28th, 2019 by Athletic Mentors Staff
On Saturday February 23rd, Nathan Willard competed in his very first power lifting meet, and ended up winning it all! Nathan finished with some very impressive numbers. He had a 305 pound bench press, which was the heaviest at the meet! He also squatted 305 pounds, and pulled a whopping 440 pound dead lift!
Nathan started training with the Athletic Mentors team back in April of 2018 originally for football and re-hab after ACL surgery. He wanted to get an edge on his competition by getting some extra strength training, along with some speed and agility. Right away we noticed Nathan’s mind blowing strength. The more he worked with us, the more his numbers continued to increase in all of his lifts. After his football season ended, Nathan reached out to us about an interest in power lifting.  Mark Olson started a program for him, and as a team,  we all got a chance to work with him as he prepared for his competition.
Congratulations Nathan…hope this meet is just one of many to come.  AM will continue to raise the bar!  Best of luck to Nathan on March 9th at the high school state championships!!!