Back to basics: an interview with Junior Racer, Christian Dershem

September 27th, 2017 by Marie Dershem

Sometimes kids have a perspective that bring us back to basics. There are times, as adults, we are out on a ride and the wind is high, motivation is low… and we wonder why we are out there. Here is a short interview with 11 year old junior racer, Christian Dershem. He’ll remind you.

1. What is your favorite part of racing: “It’s fun and competitive at the same time – I love that.”

2. What is your least favorite part of racing: “Crashes and mean bike riders that will shove you or cut you off.”

3. Why did you get into cycling? “My parents did it and when I tried it, I thought it was really fun.”

4. What is your favorite type of race? “Time trial or mountain bike race.”

5. Why? “I like how it is all your power. It’s just you and your individual power. It’s your speed. No one can help you. And, mountain biking is also so fun to do – really fun!”

6. What do you like about being on a team? “The support that you get and making friends. And, you get pushed and you also get to learn from teammates.”



7. Is there anything you aspire to do with bicycle racing? “Become a pro and race in the Tour de France.”

8. What do you plan to do to make that happen? “Work hard every day.”

9. How much do you train now? “Not too often.”

10. What is racing all about? “Having fun and doing what you love.”

11. Is there anything you want to say to those reading this blog post? “Do what you love to do, and thanks to all my teammates and cycling friends for all the help and support they give me.”

Ride on!


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