Cycling Pro Chris Fisher Joins Athletic Mentors Coaching Cadre

April 19th, 2012 by Athletic Mentors

Chris Fisher, pro cyclist and coach for Athletic MentorsAthletic Mentors is excited to announce the addition of distinguished cycling pro and Alpine skier Chris Fisher to our coaching talent pool!

Fisher is known best for his passionate team-playing and extreme capacity to outlast his competitors as a team “berserker.” As a lieutenant for many team captains over the years, he routinely destroyed the legs and psyche of other teams, setting up his captains for the win.

In his is cycling career, he earned his first professional mountain bike contract in ’94 (Klein/Powerpost), raced for Dutch top-team Wilton-Snel ’95-’96, earned his first professional road contract in ’97 (OilMe/Klein) and raced for OilMe/Klein (’97-’98), Merlin/Hind (’99), 7-Up (’00), Saturn (’01-’02), and Jelly Belly (’03). In 2011, 8 years after retiring from the professional circuit, Chris won the Michigan Elite RR Championship.

As an Alpine skier, he was a member of Bates College NCAA Div. 1 Alpine ski team from ’87-’91 (captain ’89-’90, ’90-’91) and ski raced at NORAM level through ’93.

Chris is now a level 1 USSA official/certified coach who enjoys sharing his passion and competitive spirit with talented young athletes. He formerly served as assistant Coach to CU Boulder’s USCSA Alpine development team (’03-’04, ’04-’05) and continues to coach soccer, skiing and cycling.

His greatest joy is motivating competitive athletes to use passion as a powerful tool: “Your passion will allow you to push yourself through when you think you can’t, which in turn makes you stronger.”

Contact us if you’d like to train with Chris!