The Ultimate Holiday Guide to Great Gifts for Triathletes

November 16th, 2012 by Katie Whidden USAT certified coach

It’s that time of the year to start thinking about gifts for your significant other, sister, brother, best friend etc. If you are not a tri fanatic like they might be then you are probably confused as to what he or she might need. As triathlon is an expensive sport you might wonder how a triathlete could possibly NEED anything else. Well I’m here to tell you there is always something that a triathlete could use, actually needing the item is another story. In the spirit of Oprah’s favorite things I have created a list of my gift suggestions for your triathlete this holiday season. Below you will find that I have broken the presents down based on cost assuming that you might have different price ranges based on your relationship with this person.

For that special someone

Garmin Watch – If your triathlete is at all interested in improving their results they have probably heard that training with heart rate can produce better results. The new Garmin 910XT will give them all the data they could ever want with heart rate, elevation, pace, swim distance, stroke count and a few other metrics. They will then be able to track their progress when they upload their data to the Garmin software or into Training Peaks. I can honestly say that my Garmin watch is one of the best purchases I have ever made. For more information, visit: Garmin Watch


Athletic Mentors Florida Cycling Camp – Believe me when I say that your triathlete will be immensely grateful for a week of cycling in the sunshine state during the worst time of the year to ride in Michigan. This February they can enjoy lush accommodations, home cooked meals, and fantastic riding all while receiving coaching from pro mountain biker Kelli Emmett and Athletic Mentors head coach Mark Olson. Check out all the details about the great facilities, itinerary, and holiday registration discount pricing at: Athletic Mentors Cycling Camp


Nicely wrapped presents

  • Swim Buoy – Greatest invention for open water swimming. My training buddy and I always have these with us. They are very visible in the water and are reasonably priced at $35. When we are taking recovery intervals we even take time to float around on these. For more information, visit Swim Buoy
  • Back pack – I have not made this purchase yet but I do understand why fellow triathletes have. There have been multiple occasions where I thought I would wipe out during my pre or post race ride from transition to or from my car. There is nothing more frustrating than having to lug your gear while trying to balance on your bike. For more information, visit Back Pack
  • Gift Card – There is something to be said about a gift as basic as gift card to local bike shop. Since I have been competing in triathlon for a while now I have most everything I could need. Therefore, I personally love having the freedom to get whatever part I need to fix my bike or other random purchase I might need to make in the next few months. That is not to say that you shouldn’t make the attempt at buying something unique. I am just stating that if you know your triathlete has everything they could need then a gift card will suffice.


Stocking Stuffers

  • Nutrition – Triathletes are always in need of additional nutrition reserves so gifts like sports beans, GU, Hammer gels, or Clif bars are always appreciated. Follow this link for: Nutrition
  • Toe Warmers – If your triathletes lives in the North and rides outside at all then they would probably appreciate Grabber toe warmers. These nifty disposable warmers are air activated and provide heat to your feet for up to 6 hours. For more information, visit Toe warmers
  • Tubes – What cyclist couldn’t use extra tubes? I like Bontrager, which feature “Tubeless Ready technology” and provide all the performance advantages of a tubeless system without the usual weight penalty. It’s a better way to go tubeless. Check them out by visiting: Tubes
  • Aero Water Bottles – Aero water bottles are great for the triathlete who has a triathlon bike. If they are doing distances longer than Olympic I would recommend the Aquacell. If they are doing anything shorter then the aerodrink should work fine. For more information, visit: Aero Water Bottles
  • Tieless laces – This is one of the first things I would recommend an athlete use to improve their transition times. I even put these laces on all my shoes because they make putting your shoes on and taking them off so easy. Check out the options here: Tieless Laces