Sponsor Spotlight: Gauthier Family Home Care

June 6th, 2015 by Team OAM NOW / Athletic Mentors
Gauthier Family Homecare GFHC LOGO 1Team OAM NOW / Athletic Mentors is proud to represent this Grand Rapids area home care service, offering compassionate and professional in-home service for their clients, for its fourth consecutive year. Gauthier Family Home  Care utilizes both CareProfiler and IC24 (Ideal Caregiver 24) to match their caregivers with their clients. This process ensures the best caregiver match possible for the client in need of care and the client’s family. This extraordinary level of care and focus on the whole team mirrors Team OAM Now’s focus on its team of athletes. In fact, co-owner Dan Gauthier is such a strong believer in the team that he’s a member (Team OAM Now Elite Club). With a core team of professionals, Gauthier and his wife and co-owner, Marion, understand, firsthand, how significant home care can be for the comfort of those we love. Not only does home care support both client and family in a familiar environment, but it also helps retain an individual’s independence, both significant factors in one’s quality of life. dan-gauthier-300x400Gauthier says “Physical health is such a key piece to one’s overall wellness and, as a cyclist myself, it seemed logical that we’d support a health conscious activity that’s good for the whole community as well. In the same way that we look for the ideal match between caregiver and client, our team at Gauthier supporting Team OAM Now also seemed natural.” Previous clients have trusted Gauthier Family Home Care in a time of need. They are professionals, hard working and communicative. The staff is noted for going above and beyond while consistently providing quality care and service. Because Team OAM Now and the team at Gauthier both work hard to deliver the best, the partnership is, as Gauthier notes, “natural.” Ed Note: The relationship between athlete and sponsor is often understated and oversimplified. Team OAM Now/AM does its best to make sure the relationship we build with our sponsors reflects its importance. We promote our sponsor’s brand, with professionalism, on social media including blogs and Facebook. We are active in the community and participate in over 75 community events every year to help our sponsors give back to community. We (the athletes) understand our sponsors’ services and brand, use their products and services, and refer business to them. In return, the sponsors help us develop young athletes, and create exposure and opportunities where those circumstances might not otherwise exist. For a sponsor, this kind of support is also an investment in someone’s dreams, a measure of faith in ability and determination, and a connection with the team’s values. For an athlete, the support given by a sponsor is invaluable. In fact, it’s more than support; it’s a vote of confidence; it’s an opportunity to achieve; it promises the joy of bringing along a “family” when there is triumph. For this reason, we’d like to take time to introduce you to our sponsors. We cannot thank them enough for their support of Team OAM/Now, its athletes, its goals and visions, and its values. The post Sponsor Spotlight: Gauthier Family Home Care appeared first on Team Athletic Mentors.