State Championship Time Trial: The Truth Serum Race

July 22nd, 2015 by Marie Dershem
A time trial is like a truth serum for cycling. It is the true test of an individual’s ability to go fast, hard, and long. There is no drafting, no letting up, no time to catch your breath. From the word, “go”, it is all out. The Hines Park Time Trial is a perfect course for hosting this year’s State Championship. christian tt championIt is flat, smooth, and beautiful. With no traffic to deal with, riders are able to just put their heads down and hammer out the race. For juniors, the course was 20K; for adults, 40K. And, TEAM OAM NOW/Athletic Mentors had great representation in almost every category with top 3 finishes in all but one category. Starting with our youngest through our oldest, here are the results: Christian Dershem (Junior age 9-12): 1st place and State Champion cj tt   Nathan Frazier (Junior age 17-18): 1st Place and State Champion Kaitlyn Patterson (CAT 3 women): 1st place, State Champion and fastest woman’s time by over 2 minutes!marie and kaitlyn tt     Marie Dershem (CAT 2 women): 2nd placemarie tt Alex Vanias (CAT PRO 1/2 men): 2nd place Cory Stange (CAT PRO 1/2 men): 3rd place Loren Simons (Masters 55+) 10th place loren tt Looks like the truth has been revealed… TEAM OAM NOW/Athletic Mentors has some serious speed. The post State Championship Time Trial: The Truth Serum Race appeared first on Team Athletic Mentors.