Description of Classes


An up- beat, full-body workout that’s challenging, but scalable. All fitness levels are welcome!

TRX Bootcamp

TRX (2)

Excellent workout that leverages gravity and your own body weight. *Signup is required due to limited equipment.


Develop strength, flexibility, and breath awareness while calming and focusing your mind.

Core & Mobility

A core strength workout designed to improve balance and flexibility with key stretches.

Abs & Glutes

This 30 minute workout targets our core powerhouse: the abdominal and gluteus muscles.


Indoor cycling on stationary bikes with instructor guidance. *Signup is required due to limited equipment


High Intensity Interval Training is a short but intense 30-minute workout meant to blast fat and strengthen muscles.

Coached Gym

Open gym hours with a qualified trainer. Modify your workout to your ability and fitness!


Get a 1-on-1 private session to evaluate your individual needs, goals, and current fitness level.

Stryker Pump

want to get lean, toned, and fit – fast? Join us for this fun, full-body dumbell workout!

Cardio Sculpt

This workout is specifically designed to burn calories, improve strength, and build endurance.


Get a 1-on-1 private session to evaluate your fitness needs and goals. *Trainers are limited; Signup required.

Stryker Workout Anywhere Class

Learn how to burn calories and work your muscles anywhere at any time. Using mostly body weight exercises, a minimum of equipment and space, this class will provide you with a guide of exercises. This guide will help you learn how to resistance train and increase your heart rate for an overall total body workout.

Strength Training for Runners

Learn how to safely and effectively incorporate strength training into your running routine. This class will provide you with the information and expertise to increase strength training into your workout. These exercises will be designed for runners to decrease risk or injury and increase strength. Class will be lead by Athletic Mentors’ coach Erin Young, who is an accomplished elite runner.