Team OAM NOW XC Ski Clinic- It Really Did Snow This Year!

February 4th, 2016 by Kaitlyn Patterson
For cyclists, this winter in southeast Michigan has been great for riding with the warmer temps and low (No!) snowfall.  However, for cross country skiers like those members of the Team OAM NOW Nordic Ski Team, the fall period of roller skiing, wet runs, increasing cold and darker nights on roads is all in anticipation of SNOW and the fabulous sport of cross country skiing.  Needless to say, we all thought the season was off to a great start when we had 16” of snow followed by a week of cold weather at Thanksgiving.  We had planned a “dry-land XC clinic” and had more than 20 kids and adults from the Boys Trail Life Group show up to get fitted, learn some basics and get introduced to  Huron Meadows Metropark near Brighton, Michigan.  
huron meadows crew

Jon Morgan of Team OAM Now, Lee Ries, and Adam Haberkorn of Huron Meadows hosted an overview of XC skiing for the Boys Trail Life Group

Comically, on a day when we thought we would run and speed hike with the Boys Trail Life Group on grass, it started to snow and didn’t stop.  We ran the Buck’s run loop in the maelstrom and assumed we would be back on snow for the next clinic.  The picture below is the group heading out into the storm that left us with 16” and five days glorious days of early season base training.
The crew heading into the storm...

The crew heading into the storm…

And coming back in (still smiling!)

And coming back in (still smiling!)

      Unfortunately the winter has been the lowest snowfall on record recently for the southeastern Michigan area, but the Huron Meadows staff and miraculous snowmaking has saved the season for many and the Buck’s Run 2.5k loop has been skiable nearly every day in 2016.   The base is perfect and we will host another clinic this Sunday, February 7 from 3:30-5:00 for the Trial Life Group and others who have expressed interest.  Despite the CRAZY warm weather, the course is being rebuilt on Thursday from the mountain of snow stock and the clinic will go on as scheduled.  ANYONE is welcome, Huron Meadows rents very good skis at the clubhouse, and the Bucks Run course is fun, easy, sheltered and fun.  All Team OAM Now members are welcome, come out and join us!  This is the last weekend clinic until March due to racing…wish us luck! The post Team OAM NOW XC Ski Clinic- It Really Did Snow This Year! appeared first on Team Athletic Mentors.