The Difference Coached Training Makes…

February 8th, 2012 by Athletic Mentors

Many people take a DIY approach to training for events. Why hire a pro when you “know” what you’re supposed to do, right? Not so, say athletes who’ve experienced the Athletic Mentors difference.

Just ask Jim Bonnell, who, in his second full cycling season and first year will Kelli Emmett, was able to secure 5 wins and take the podium in the expert 30-39 Mountain Bike class in every race he entered. He capped off the season with a 4th place finish at the Iceman from a 5th wave starting position, and hopes to take advantage of a wave 1 start next season.

“Coaches certainly shorten the learning curve. However, when your coach has competed at the highest level for over 10 years and been trained by various high level coaches, the experience factor is pretty much unbeatable,” Bonnell said of his training time with Emmett.

Bonnell credits Emmett’s insight and assessment skills as setting her apart from ‘ordinary’ coaches.

“Any coach can assign workouts and follow a general workout regime. Kelli is able to understand the strengths and weaknesses of a rider. Then, focus on how to improve. I have been able to maintain and improve my strong areas and almost eliminate some relative weaknesses. It seems Kelli has a knack for getting to know an athlete.”

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