Getting to Know Junior Triathlete Jacob Florey

July 2nd, 2018 by Marie Dershem


I’m going to start where it all started. It started when I was nine. That was when my Mom did her first triathlon. She introduced me to the sport.

I do triathlons because of all the great people. The racers and all of the volunteers. One other thing I really like is the exercise.

I don’t really have a favorite part. But if I had to choose I would pick the bike because I can breathe without dying at the same time.

Outside of triathlons I run for my school. I also swim on our swim team. I was ten years old when I did my first triathlon. I specifically remember one huge hill but the good part is that I got to go back down it.

My goals are to do an Olympic triathlon in a few years. I also want to pace myself more in the water. I am used to short fast swims.

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