Get Started Links for Stryker

Get started using the Stryker support and information center, which links to general class descriptions, information, Stryker’s class schedule and our online “Gym Center” where you can schedule appointments, book special classes, and more.

Please Note: If you use our Quick Links to sign up for a specific class and you have not be added to our online gym scheduler, the system will tell you that you do not have enough “credits” to sign up. Email us to activate your individual online gym access with the special Stryker identifier and feel free to attend the class in question.

Stryker Schedule

Note: If you’ve JUST signed up online, please allow 24 hours before attempting to signup for classes online. In the mean time, you are welcome to come to any class without prior sign-up.

Stryker Virtual Support

If you have a question about one of our programs, how to do a particular exercise or just can’t remember something we explained in a session or class, just email us at We’ll respond within 2 hours (Monday – Friday 8-5). Support will be provided by email and if necessary, we’ll call you.