Smith Helmets: Honest review of Smith Overtake and Smith Network helmets

August 12th, 2018 by Bobby Munro

Long term Smith Helmet review. 6 quick observations (good and bad).

Having owned the Smith Overtake and Network I feel I can speak knowledgeably about both. You can follow the link to learn more of the technical (and salesy) stuff about them.


I tested the crash worthiness of the Overtake more than once in 2017. Every time I walked away without head injury. The helmet wasn’t so lucky. I am confident that both helmets will keep your noggin safe!


The Overtake has every vent covered with the honey comb stuff (Smith sales team would like me to call it aerocore, but I like saying honey comb stuff). The Network leaves a few channels in the middle exposed. This opens your head up to bugs. It’s a pretty magical experience to never get bugs under your helmet.


I couldn’t tell a difference. Sorry this one was boring, but I wondered if the Network would be breezier without the full honey comb. Turns out that Smith knows how to design a “windy” helmet!

Retention system

The retention system is comfortable, light, and (unfortunately) fragile. I have seen many of these snap (and not from crashes). They must be treated with care. The only glimmer of light in this situation is that they are easy to swap out. I would recommend getting a spare before you are left helmet-less.


These are both pricy. The Network is expensive and the Overtake is very expensive. Its good to see Smith starting to roll out more affordable options.


Both helmets come in multiple sizes. They also allow you to adjust the retention system height and pad placement. You will get a great fit.

In the end, they are both great helmets. The range of prices and features on helmets can be overwhelming, especially because all helmets are safety tested and (theoretically) offer the same level of protection. However, when you need to wear a helmet daily, it’s the little things that really do make a difference.

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