Tri Tips

August 15th, 2018 by Tammy Shuler

I have been racing for twenty years now and have some, what I feel are helpful tips, so here they are:

1. If your going to eat breakfast, (which is highly recommended) do it at least two hours before your race and make it something easily digested. This helps reduce stomach troubles on the run.

2. If your race is hot, ask for ice at the aid stations and put it in your sports bra or your hat. Someone told me once to put it in my shorts, that didn’t work out so well!

3. I like to have 1/2 of a men’s handkerchief. I put it in my sports bra, then when I’m running I pull it out wipe sweat from my face or get it wet and mop my face while running to keep cool.

4. Lube the heels and arches of your shoes with Vaseline, this helps prevent blisters. And saves time in transition not having to put on socks.

5. Use a plastic grocery bag to help put on your wet suit. Put your foot in the bag and step into your wet suit. It slides right in. Do the same with your arms.

6. If your doing a longer race and are using an open aero bottle cover it with a shower cap in transition. This keeps the late summer bees out. I had my straw plugged with bees at Ironman Wisconsin. That didn’t go so well.

7. Use lube ( body glide, sport wax, etc) on your neck, forearms, and lower legs before putting your wet suit on. This helps it slide off easier and prevents chafing at your neck line.

8. Use a small drop of baby shampoo in your swim goggles. This stops fogging and doesn’t burn your eyes!

9. And as always SMILE when you see a camera!

Hope some of these are helpful! Have fun and be safe!

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