Premium TRI Coaching Subscription

Our premium package means you’ll be assigned one of our senior coaches with decades of experience training athletes at every distance.  This package adds more advanced training  analysis, most notably our metabolic testing providing valuable data for fueling, performance and longer term health.  All of our biometric and performance testing is used by your coach to measure progress and ensure success.

Our Premium Triathlete Coaching Subscription Includes:

  • Online training plan and weekly telephone meetings with your coach.
  • Unlimited virtual communication with your senior level coach.
  • Video Stroke Analysis and Run Video analysis done bi-annually.
  • Access to our coached gym and virtual live fitness classes via our online portal.
  • Custom strength programming designed by one of our expert strength coaches not only for your sport but per your age and ability with consideration for where you prefer to train.  Includes access to a custom phone app complete with video instruction.
  • For female clients, custom programming for both strength and endurance to align with the female cycle and or season of life.
  • Winter swim class.
  • Group swims, rides and runs.
  • 2 metabolic tests done annually (50% off additional tests)
  • Private strength training sessions, small group sessions with swim coach.
  • Bike fitting and power testing at AM facility.
  • Smart Trainer, treadmill and vasa trainer use/bookings at AM.
  • Advanced Power Analysis.
  • Monthly body composition testing via ultrasound technology.
  • Annual health evaluation (see website for details).

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