Metabolic Efficiency Class

Athletic Mentors is offering a Metabolic Efficiency (ME) class that includes our cutting edge metabolic efficiency testing and a supplemental 2 hour companion class.


Prior to attending the class, the participant will schedule and complete a Metabolic Efficiency test at Athletic Mentors in Richland. The submaximal effort test is performed on a treadmill while wearing a mask that is attached to a metabolic cart.  The cart captures and measures the participants’ breath, analyzing in real time the volumes and concentrations of O2 and CO2. This allows us to determine the participants’ proportion and type of “fuel” (fat and carbohydrate) used to meet their individual energy demands at increasing intensities.

The supplemental companion class is a lecture-style class delivered via zoom. We will discuss some fundamental metabolic physiology, as well as, nutritional and exercise-based strategies that will aid in improving ME over time. The participants will learn how to interpret and apply their own test results in making informed lifestyle and training decisions, amplifying their journey of improved athletic performance and long-term health. Participants that are not available for the live class will receive a recorded version.

For more information about Metabolic Efficiency click here.