Premium Run Coaching

Our Premium Subscription Run Coaching offers everything we’ve included in our Custom coaching package, plus additional communication time with your coach and access to all of our state of the art training tools, technologies and our athletic training facility.  Access to our performance lab with metabolic testing and run video analysis  enable our coaches to take athletes to an even higher level of performance and training efficiency.  This “all inclusive” package allows the athlete to have unlimited access to everything they need so they can focus on the training while leaving the thinking and planning to our coaching team.

  • Online training plan and weekly telephone meetings with your associate level coach.
  • Unlimited virtual communication with your coach.
  • Run Video Analysis done bi-annually.
  • Access to our Coached Gym
  • Upgrade Gym Access To VIPL for $55/month
  • Group runs.
  • FREE bi-annual Metabolic testing, then 20% off
  • Access to coached gym at our Richland facility
  • Treadmill bookings at Athletic Mentors facility
  •  $295 per month plus $100 start up fee

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