Health Evaluation

Put Science on your side with Athletic Mentors’ Cutting Edge Health Evaluation Package

Born of our work with VIP elite athletes, this program is designed to give people of all levels of fitness a comprehensive and actionable health profile to leverage for better overall health. Whether you’re trying to lose weight, recover from an injury or other medical procedure, or you’re proactively making lifestyle changes to enjoy better overall health, our program will help you achieve your wellness goals. Harness your body composition metrics, metabolic profile, and system data for effective strategies that keep you in the zone. Work smarter, not harder, with Athletic Mentors.

The Ulimate  Health Evaluation Package Includes the following Modules:

A. Body Composition with InBody Machine

  • Measures body fat, lean body mass, water weight
  • Weight measurement

B. Functional Movement Screening Test

C. Blood Lipids Profile

D. Metabolic Test

  • Includes Fasted Blood Glucose
  • Blood pressure
  • First test includes a 1-hour consultation ($240 if purchased individually)
  • Re-test is available for $185 purchased individually or at reduced package price

Cutting Edge Technology:

Body Composition – .This device allows us to quickly, easily and accurately make highly precise assessments without embarrassing or painful pinching.

Metabolic Efficiency – Athletic Mentors has specialized equipment on-site that allows us to capture and measure your breath during rest and steady-state exercise. By measuring your carbon dioxide production and oxygen consumption we are able to give you a detailed and personalized metabolic profile that identifies the rate of carbohydrate and fat utilization you use at varying intensities.

Package Price: $310 with initial Metabolic consult. $240 witih Metabolic re-test. (Standalone)

Standalone Module Pricing:

  • Body Composition $49
  • Functional Movement Screening $49
  • Blood Lipid Profile $25
  • Metabolic Test – First test with consultation $240; Repeat test $185

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