Basic Run Coaching

This program offers all of the essentials for a quality run program and coaching without the whistles and bells.  If you are looking at taking your running a step beyond simply using a downloaded training plan, this program is a great step up.  You’ll have a monthly training plan designed for you, your experience level and your ability to insure that you arrive on race day prepared and uninjured.

  • A custom schedule designed to suit the athletes needs, goals and lifestyle. This individulaized online training plan is posted monthly.
  • Online access to your training plan and online journal as well as utilization of an interactive coaching tool to record and communicate your training progress with your coach.
  • Monthly telephone meetings with your associate level coach.
  • Unlimited email communication with your coach.
  • Assistance with nutrition and dietary planning.
  • Discounted Metabolic testing for $90.
  • 10% off all supplement sales including UCAN.
  • Price: $120 per month plus $50 start up fee

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