Programs & Camps Philosophy

Our Belief:

An athlete’s true potential is made up of many aspects, both physical and mental. Among them are physical conditioning, maintaining a positive attitude, strong work ethic, and commitment.

Hard work, perseverance and a long term commitment to excellence are more powerful than pure talent alone.

The person that learns to maximize these controllable aspects and makes the sacrifices necessary to achieve their true potential in sport will become a happier, more successful person in life!

Our Vision:

Our vision in our power sport camps is to teach athletes how to reach their own ultimate level of athletic success and how to carry that experience into their future business careers and personal lives.

By teaching core values that are essential to success, creating specific individual training programs for both the physical and mental aspects of the athlete, and building long term relationships with the athlete and their support team, we will create an environment that gives athletes the opportunity to strive for excellence within their given sport.

The Programs

The goal of each power sport program is to take a quantum leap beyond what a typical “personal trainer” does for an athlete.

Our power sport programs not only focus on the physical improvement of each individual athlete, but also their individual psychological skills, sport specific skills and nutritional needs. As a result, each athlete will not only be stronger, they will be better equipped to maximize and fulfill their true potential.

We believe that it is critical for the Trainer/ Coach/Mentor to fully understand the makeup of the athlete: what their dreams and goals are, what inspires them, and what their strengths and weaknesses are. This can only be accomplished by building a mentoring relationship with the athlete.

A strong and close relationship must also be built with the parents of the athlete. Through these relationships, we can create an environment that will enable the athlete to have the best possible chance of reaching their goals!

Coaching Staff

Mark Olson
Coach Olson has competed at an elite level in a variety of sports. He began as a hockey player at the age of 3. He played on Detroit Compuware’s Junior A team at the age of 16 and played on Northern Michigan University’s NCAA National Championship Team in 1991. He is a member of the NMU Athletic Hall of Fame and has been NMU’s Hockey Strength and Conditioning coach since 2005.

Coach Olson has also won national titles in cycling, competed as a power lifter, competes as a Ironman Tri-Athlete and coaches numerous professional and collegiate athletes in a variety of sports.

Coach Olson has owned and managedthe Bissell Professional Cycling Team, the Priority Health Multisport Team, Team OAM Now and is the co-owner of Athletic Mentors.

Detailed Aspects of our Power Sport Programs

The programs will address at a minimum the following elements:


  • Quickness and Agility
  • Torso (Core) Strength and Stability
  • Explosive Power
  • Energy Systems Development (Sport Specific)
  • Body Composition (Weight Gain/Loss)


  • Work Ethic
  • Game and Practice Preparation
  • Positive Thinking
  • Dealing with Success and Failure
  • Learning to love your role


    • Macro Nutrition (Carbohydrates, Fats, Protein, Water)
    • Micro Nutrition (Vitamins, Minerals)
    • Supplementation
    • Pre and Post Game/Practice Nutrition
    • Nutrition Planning (how to eat properly within your busy lives)


    • Post Game/Practice
    • Post Strength Training
    • Recovery Strategies for Tournament Play