Fotolia_8848621_S-199x300At Athletic Mentors, we help triathlon and multisport athletes get the most out of their training time. Our workouts are meaningful, incremental, and build your strength and conditioning to a flawless “finish.” We combine the most current research and triathlon training techniques with proven race strategies to help our athletes reach their goals. Our outstanding coaches offer leadership, experience, and impeccable support. Whether you’re a novice or a pro, put the power of a coached program in your corner.

Multisport training is optimal for general fitness, because there’s no better combination of exercises than the three events of the triathlon. Swimming develops the upper-body muscles. Cycling and running develops the lower-body muscles. All three exercises develop the cardiovascular system. Add our strength training to the mix and you have what’s very close to a perfect program.

We will design a custom program to fit your specific needs. We offer structured Ironman programs of various durations to prep you for the finish and beyond. We’re experienced training outstanding Xterra athletes and tri-athletes in everything from endurance to nutritional support.

Our premium multisport program is our Triathlon Professional Coaching Subscription. Please follow the link for details.

We also offer a custom training endurance program and a wide variety of clinics.

We’re here to motivate you to achieve your best results. Talk to us today for a customized quote and training plan or to arrange a group clinic for your next multisport event!

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