VIP Functional Fitness

Building beautiful bodies and souls

This program is our premier professional coaching service  to help you reach your specific strength and fitness goals within a small group-coached setting. A coach assigned and dedicated to designing your program will motivate and guide you to success. It was designed by our founder, Mark Olson, to help everyone train like a pro!

Our mission is to build strong, healthy, beautiful, moving BODIES!

What to Expect

  • Coach Me Plus Account & Online Program
  • Unlimited VIP Light Access (Shared Coach)
  • Dedicated Trainer 3 Days A Week (24 hour advanced sign up required)
  • 2 Health Evaluations Annually (body comp, blood lipids and blood pressure)
  • 1 Metabolic Test Annually – then 50% Off
  • Initial Assessment With Assigned Coach
  • High Level Training Plan
  • Performance Testing
  • 20% Off Supplement Sales
  • Cardio Equipment Booking Access
  • Annual Functional Movement Screening
  • Winter Bike & Trainer Storage
  • Training Plan If Needed For Travel/Vacation Purposes


$495.00 per month PLUS a start up fee of $495.00. If you pay upfront for 3 months that start up fee is waived.
Discount of 25% off 2nd family member

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