VIP Functional Fitness

Building beautiful bodies and souls

This program is our premier professional coaching service  to help you reach your specific strength and fitness goals within a small group-coached setting. A coach assigned and dedicated to designing your program will motivate and guide you to success. It was designed by our founder, Mark Olson, to help everyone train like a pro!

This program includes unlimited group sessions with our elite certified trainers, plus unlimited individual communication, support, monitoring and progress mapping.  As part of the package, you will receive up-to-the-session feedback on your customized training plan, plus individualized nutrition consulting.  Along with all of this, you will also receive an initial assessment, a health evaluation (body comp, cholesterol, FMS), a monthly meeting with your personal coach regarding goal setting and progress analysis, unlimited gym access, and a personalized training plan for outside of the gym. Scheduling is flexible and we will work with you to fit your personal schedule for training sessions in our gym.  The plan includes unlimited access to our cardio equipment and access to our online training tool to access your training plan and provide feedback to your coach.

Our mission is to build strong, healthy, beautiful, moving BODIES!

What to Expect

New clients begin with an individualized session with one of our coaches to discuss history and goals, and to undergo strength and fitness testing in order to receive an individualized plan. Your assigned coach then prepares a workout and nutrition plan for your first session, with updates and variations delivered for each subsequent sessions.  You’ll train in groups of 1 to 4 people, and you’ll have unlimited telephone, text and email access to your coach for training questions. If you schedule your visit via our app 24 hours in advance Monday – Friday, you will have one on one coaching. You also will receive an option to get 1 free golf lesson per month, during the months of November – March. These will be taught by our resident golf pro Dean Kolstad.


$465 per month.
Discount of 25% off 2nd family member

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