Metabolic Efficiency Testing

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Know Your Metabolism

Your metabolism is a series of chemical processes within your body that keeps your cells fueled with nutrients. Since no two metabolisms aVO2_testing_2_400x300re exactly the same, understanding the rate at which your body uses energy and the fuel source of this energy, can be paramount in getting the best results from your workouts and racing. Athletic Mentors offers cutting edge metabolic efficiency testing for athletes looking to step up their game in all disciplines of endurance and power sports.


Metabolic Efficiency 

What is it?

Metabolic efficiency is the process of improving the body’s ability to use its internal stores of nutrients more efficiently. Specifically, teaching the body to burn more fat while preserving carbohydrates, both at rest and at increasing exercise intensities. 

How is it measured?

Athletic Mentors has specialized equipment on-site that allows us to capture and measure your breath during rest and steady-state exercise. By measuring your carbon dioxide production and oxygen consumption we are able to give you a detailed and personalized metabolic profile that identifies the rate of carbohydrate and fat utilization you use at varying intensities.

Why is this important?

Metabolic efficiency testing helps athletes identify and optimize the exercise intensities (heart rate, pace/power) at which their bodies are able to burn favorable percentages of fat. While this is beneficial for all, not just athletes, it is especially effective for triathlon and endurance runners.  As an athlete becomes more metabolic efficient they are able to fuel their efforts off of the copious amounts of on-board calories we all have stored as fat, while sparing precious muscle and liver glycogen stores. This adaptation is also able to reduce their need to eat during training and racing. In a nutshell, athletes can use the test results with our expert guidance to fine-tune training, racing and nutrition strategies that will both encourage performance success while discouraging metabolic failure (bonking) and gastrointestinal distress.


Metabolic Efficiency Test w/ Private Consult:   $240

Metabolic Efficiency Re-test Without Consult: $185

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