Premium TRI Coaching Subscription

This package includes all of the elements we feel essential to providing you everything you need to achieve  your full potential as a Triathlete.    Weekly correspondence with your coach by your medium of choice (zoom, phone or other)  will hold you accountable and keep you motivated. It allows your coach to monitor and adjust your plan as your life requires it since the unexpected realities of life can throw constant curve balls that could derail your training.  Other package components such as video analysis and bike fitting are key to keep you fit, healthy and uninjured.

Our Premium Triathlete Coaching Subscription Includes:

  • Online training plan and weekly telephone meetings with your assigned coach.VO2_testing_3
  • Unlimited virtual communication with your coach.
  • Video Stroke Analysis and Run Video analysis done bi-annually.
  • Access to our coached gym and virtual live fitness classes via our online portal.
  • Custom strength programming designed by one of our expert strength coaches not only for your sport but per your age and ability with consideration for where you prefer to train.  Includes access to a custom phone app complete with video instruction.
  • For female clients, custom programming for both strength and endurance to align with the female cycle and or season of life.
  • Upgrade gym access to VIPL for $25/month
  • Winter swim class.
  • Group swims, rides and runs.
  • Video Swim & Run (Seasonal)
  • First metabolic tests done at 50% off retail price, 20% off additional tests.
  • Strength training sessions, small group sessions with swim coach.
  • Bike fitting and power testing at AM facility.
  • Smart Trainer, treadmill and vasa trainer use/bookings at AM
  • Power Analysis
  • Price: $325 per month plus $100 start up fee (six month minimum)

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