Basic TRI Coaching Subscription

Sorting out how to fit training for 3 disciplines, strength work and quality nutrition into the average American busy lifestyle can be overwhelming.  For the triathlete that would like a little more individualized programming and coaching than a camp or clinic offers, this budget friendly coaching plan brings a little more accountability and a completely personalized training plan to fit your schedule, ability and fitness level.   It will ensure every element of  your training has purpose, so there are no “junk miles” or wasted time.  You’ll speak with your coach by phone monthly to plan the next month and accommodate your changing schedule and needs.  Use of a heart rate monitor is required for this program.  We can assist with selection of the right monitor for you.

The Basic Triathlete Coaching Subscription includes:

  • Joe Cekola IM WiscCustom training plan designed for you posted once per month with 1 change per month
  • 1 call per month with your coach
  • Tri specific strength programming designed by one of our expert strength coaches.  Includes access to our phone app complete with video instruction.
  • Weekly email correspondence with your coach throughout the month
  • 25% off swim classes 
  • 25% off Video Swim & Video Run (when available)
  • 20% off metabolic testing
  • Price: $175 per month + $50 startup fee 

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