Body Composition Testing

We use the BodyMetrix system for performing body composition testing. This offers a professional-grade ultrasound technology that is the same as that used by elite athletes and trainers.

This high tech device allows for a quick assement without pinching. Process only takes a few miutes and results are not affected by hydration, exercixe level or caffeine intake. You will leave with a custom report with both text and graphics of your results.

This Procedure:

  • Accurately measures body composition (%BF).
  • Tracks %BF, weight, and individual site fat thickness.
  • Tracks circumference, Waist to Hip Ratio.
  • Uses cross-sectional scans to directly see fat and muscle layers.
  • Calculates BMR and BMR with activity.

Cost: $40.00

Time Commitment: 20 Minutes

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