How To Download The Stryker Class Sign Up App

  • Open your phone’s app store
  • Use the search function to find “Athletic Mentors”. You should see our logo (above) to confirm you are downloading the correct app.
  • Once downloaded, go to the app and click on it.
  • When the app opens, either swipe right or tap the three horizontal white lines stacked on top of each other in the upper left corner of the screen. This will bring up a menu.
  • At the top of the menu should be an option to log in, click on it and then click “log in”.
  • The app will then ask for your email address. You will need to enter your email address and hit “Continue”. Another screen will pop up asking you to create a password and fill out some light information about yourself. After you do this, your account is created.
  • Go into the email you used to create your Athletic Mentors account, find the verification email, and click the activation link. You’re now all set to use the app!
  • To schedule a class time, click on the 3 white lines in the upper left hand corner which is the menu and click on STRYKER Classes. The schedule will then come up. Scroll to the day and time you would like to attend and select “Book Class”. PLEASE NOTE:  If you choose “Add to Calendar” this will only add to your google calendar but will NOT schedule you into the class.
  • If your app does not say Add to Calendar or if you are having trouble, please call 269-743-2277 for help.