Post PT Functional Training

Continued Recovery & Fitness Restoration

This program is designed to help you reach beyond your PT rehabilitation and continue to bring you back to peak condition. A coach assigned and dedicated to designing your program will motivate and guide you to success. By working with your Doctor and Physical Therapist, the program will be tailored specifically to where you are in your recovery process.

Our Mission:

To bring you back to perfect functional movement health and then beyond your pre-injury strength and fitness level!

What’s Included In This Package:

  • A custom program designed for you with online access included. Our coaches will work with your doctor or PT to ensure your program aligns with where you are in your recovery journey.
  • Unlimited gym access (24 hour advanced sign up required)
  • Dedicated Trainer (24 hour advanced sign up required)
  • Performance testing and evaluations designed witn consultation from your DOC/PT
  • Initial assessment with your assigned coach
  • Access to our virutal AMWellness Portal


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Get Back In The Game!