Individual Instruction – Intermediate to High-Level Golf Lessons (2-Person Session)


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Athletic Mentors can help beginner and seasoned golfers alike beat a slump, correct a swing and get their A-game on. In partnership with PGA Golf Professional Dean Kolstad, AM also offers outstanding instruction for Intermediate to Advance golfers. If you want to get serious about your swing and improve specific areas of your game, private instruction or pairs is for you.

Video stroke analysis coupled with functional fitness screening makes our Intermediate Program highly unique.

The Intermediate to Advanced Instruction Program Includes:

  • Initial Session: $125 (90 minutes, includes functional movement screening and strength assessment).
  • Includes swing analysis, video analysis
  • Strength Testing and Functional Movement Screening
  • $75 per hour
  • 2 people $110

This Purchase Covers a Private 2-Person Lesson at a reduced cost of $110 inclusive.

Additional Instruction Dates may be added inside the MindBody Scheduler or purchased through this registration center. If you have not previously taken the 90-minute Initial Session and intake, please register for that class first by following this link: