Summer Pro Soccer Camp

This 15 week camp is a great opportunity for advanced athletes who are at the Pro/College level. Our unique blend of performance-powered mental and physical conditioning coupled with precise skill development is designed for serious players who want to reach their greatest potential.

Who: Advanced athletes that are at the Pro/College level or athletes that have trained with Athletic Mentors for at least 2 years and are currently playing at the Pro/College level.

Athletes in this camp are extremely serious and focused, working towards playing Pro and College soccer.  This group will receive more detailed, individual attention including more sophisticated testing and monitoring. We will be using Metabolic testing equipment, Heart Rate Variation analysis and body composition tracking to ensure optimal gains throughout the summer.

This camp features exceptional individualized coaching from our dynamic team: Head coach Mark Olson, former D1 hockey player and National Champion, and Coach Joey Chester, former Defiance College running back.