Train Like a Woman Seminar

Unlock your female potential by learning to live and train with your body rather than fight against it.  Dr. Stacy Sims’ Certified Coaches Michelle Dalton and Dawn Hinz will guide you through optimizing your training and performance by leveraging knowledge of your female cycle across all the stages of life; puberty, pre-menopause, perimenopause and beyond.

Have you read “Roar” by Dr. Stacy Sims? Dr. Sims is a leader in research and education for women’s health and performance and is known for the phrase “Women are not small men”.   Michelle and Dawn bring this knowledge to you in a half day clinic to help you learn and apply Dr. Sims’ teachings.  Join them to gain the savvy skills to unlock your extra 5-10% of potential.   Treat yourself to a day of female education, social engagement and even some training time!

Who is this moxie experience for? Any female: Pre-pubescent, Pubescent, Pre-menopause (Cycling Female), Perimenopause and Menopause athletes,
active females or those who are ready to become active.


  • 7 Presentations including Hormone Cycles, Exercise, Nutrition. Plus more!
  • Mini workout sessions throughout the day where you will learn:
    • How to lift “heavy”.
    • Proper execution of jumping and plyometrics.
    • Complete a strength workout you’ll take home with you.
  • Body Composition Test & Report (measures your lean body mass, water weight and muscle mass)
  • Personalized nutrition guidance
  • Recipes for success
  • Light snacks and drinks provided throughout the day

What to bring:

  • Workout clothes and a learning mindset

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