Football Program

Looking to take the next step in your athletic development?  Our football program is a great opportunity for players to enhance their performance through speed, agility, strength, and conditioning.  Coach Joey Chester is a former collegiate football player and will personally develop a program dependent on the specific need of the athlete.


  • Specific exercises and drills to replicate game-like movement patterns
  • Speed, change of direction, and agility drills using our Swift timing gates for accurate data collection
  • Improve overall strength and power using velocity based training methods
  • Conditioning and competition drills that meet the demands of football
  • Baseline testing to assess the needs of each athlete and track progress


When:     Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday
Time:       4:00 pm – 5:15 pm
Cost:        $195 per month
Who:       Junior High – High School Players

Call our office at 269-743-2277 to get started!