Youth Tri Coaching

Athletic Mentors was founded by athletes whom are passionate about helping young athletes achieve their potential.  For some athletes this may be pursuit of a college scholarship or Olympic dream.  For others, this might be building better confidence and self esteem .  We developed this coaching package to provide a teacher and mentor for young triathletes.  This package is designed to provide unlimited communication and support for the athlete while helping them perfect the technique and skills of triathlon.  Athletes will develope skills that will pay back for a lifetime such as goal setting, time management and discipline.

Honing an athlete’s skill and developing his or her capacity for perseverance and a positive attitude unleashes the full force of potential not only in his or her respective sport, but in the arena of life. We are committed to providing transformational coaching and support that is intricately designed to build skill, character, and commitment in an environment that fosters excellence.

Our Youth Triathlete Coaching Package Includes:

  • 1 phone call per week with coach and athlete
  • 1 phone call per month with coach and parent (if desired)
  • Unlimited email communication with your coach.
  • Monthly small group training sessions
  • Custom training plan delivered via Training Peaks