Coaching for Elite Performance and Condition

We offer elite performance and strength conditioning packages that serve individuals, small groups or teams across a range of sports, including cycling, volleyball, football, and competitive endurance athletics such as marathon an triathlon. Our coaches have helped elite-level amateurs and professional athletes win. Our company founders spearheaded, managed and trained the Priority Health Cycling program and subsequent Bissell Pro Cycling team, so we know what it takes to go pro. We believe an athlete’s true potential is made up of many aspects both physical and mental. While some aspects, such as hereditary factors, are not always controllable, many of these aspects are controllable through rigorous mastery. We arm our athletes with strategies for success. Strength conditioning and performance coaching enable an athlete to become the best player possible, and unleash their human potential to become their best possible selves.

Our Mission

By teaching core values that are essential to success, creating specific individual training programs for both the physical and mental aspects of the athlete and building long term relationships with both the athlete and their support team we will create an environment that gives athletes the opportunity to strive for excellence within their given sport.

The Programs

The goal of our coaching and conditioning programs is to take a quantum leap beyond what a typical “personal trainer” does for an athlete. A typical personal trainer will have a standard set of drills and exercises that the athlete will perform in the presence of the trainer. Sport- specifics skills may be worked on as well. The outcome is a somewhat stronger and more conditioned athlete. Our programs focus not only on the physical improvement of the athlete, but also psychological/mental skills, sport specific skills and nutritional needs of the athlete. Wrapping all aspects together will not just make the athlete a stronger athlete, but an athlete equipped to maximize and fulfill their true potential.

How to Start a Customized Individual Package

We tailor a program to your unique needs, which means we first need to meet with you to perform an in-depth physiological assessment and build your training program to best integrate training and nutrition into your lifestyle. Once you begin a program, you can track your progress with our online training tool using the Log In to the right.
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Your package coaching fee will depend on the components and session requirements tailored to your athletic goals, and whether your plan is designed for individual or group use. Unlike many elite trainers, Athletic Mentors offers month-to-month pricing instead of long-term contracts. The following session fees are offered as a guideline:

  • $125 individual session, session length dependent on condition, includes applied skills
  • $75 per person, per session for groups of 2-4
  • A discount package rate of $650 for 10 sessions is available when prepaid.
  • Large group rate discounts available. For group pricing quotes, please Contact Us.

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