Erin Young

Erin Young has been running since 1993. What started out as an extracurricular activity to get fit has turned into a passion. Erin started with success as a 5 and 10k runner, then graduated to marathons and well beyond. After racing competitively in more than 30 marathons, the trails and mountains have added adventure and challenge to her running. Erin has enjoyed success at high altitude, in distances beyond the marathon and events up to 6 days long. She has run and won all four of the Dances with Dirt 50-mile events. She has also competed in multisport events such as cyclocross, Ironman, and Leadman.

Erin started coaching run groups in 2000 and personal training in 2009. She is a certified K-12 teacher with a Masters Degree in Pedagogy with an emphasis on athletic coaching. With a passion for learning and improving, she is well read on multiple training methods and believes that the best method depends on individual strengths. She has had extensive training in physiology, biomechanics and performance nutrition and psychology. From personal struggles with injury, Erin has learned to manage the big miles and help other athletes reach their goals, by employing wise training methods using strength training, heart rate zones, cross training, and other injury prevention techniques. She has enjoyed many years of injury free running and helped others successfully meet their goals without injury.